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Rogue Spear Teams

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Admin Bashing
Bashing includes but is not limited to:
  • Use of profane language
    Threatening or harassing a TLN staff member
    Racial, ethnic, and/or religious slurs
Bashing a member of the TLN Staff will not be tolerated. They are here to provide support to you, the gamer. You are to treat them with the respect as they are the few that make your experience fluent and enjoyable.

*Could result in permanent ban from all TLN ladders.

Anti Cheat
The Voobly Anti-Cheat is built into the lobby we all play in. TheLadder.Net requires that you have the anti-cheat box checked upon launching the game from the lobby game room. All matches must be played with the anti-cheat on.
  • Image

Avoiding Losses
TheLadder.Net strongly forbids avoiding losses. If you get removed from a roster or have a clan deleted before reporting all of your matches, you will be penalized.

Player will be penalized at TLN Head Admin's discretion.

Banned Maps
The following maps are banned from TheLadder.Net for the following reasons:

Training Maze
* Nuclear Power Plant
* Road Ambush list being updated by staff.

If map name has a * next to it, you cannot agree to play this map.

Any of the following constitute as cheating:
Programs/devices in which others do not have therefore giving you an advantage over your opponent. Modifications to game files IE: Changing the Footsteps volume in registry...

Glitching in matches is not allowed and any member found glitching will be banned from all TLN ladders. This includes roof fragging. A frag thrown through an unbroken window from below to the upper floor on Office Building within the first 10 seconds is also considered a roof frag (screenshot is required) and will result in the same penalty as cheating.

Player will be penalized at TLN Head Admin's discretion.

Note: The only file you are allowed to change is reticules.txt. This can be done to change the size of the ret and colors of it. (Does not affect the spread.)

Modem pausing/Causing lag:
If you are hosting it is illegal to pause your modem or tab out of the game thus causing the other team to lag. If a player is found to have done this, they will be locked for a period of 1 week.

If you suspect a clan of cheating, call any given admin to watch the match. If you in fact have a Supervisor or Head Admin watching, and deemed appropriate, they may choose to void the match.

Choosing Maps
A map is chosen when a team launches and plays the first game on that map. After completion of the first game on any map, that map cannot be changed until it is over.

Disconnection (Host)
If the Host of the match disconnects during game play he has 10 minutes to return and remake room. If the host does not return, the teams may choose another host among them or search for a neutral host. After which, game play will resume at the same settings.

After that the game will be a redo but with SAME people dead. If there is no evidence of anybody dead, it is a full redo. Take Screenshots!

Disconnection (Player)
If the Player disconnects on the starting point, the host needs to abort. The player has 10 minutes to return into the game. If the player does not come back in the allotted time, the match may be forfeited or the team must play a man down until a sub comes in.

Each player can disconnect a maximum of three (3) times. After which, the team or player will be obligated to find a sub. In the event that the team does not have a sub, they must forfeit or play a man down.

False Reporting
False Reporting will be strictly monitored. Both, those who reported and confirmed, will be placed back to unranked. DO NOT confirm a match if you do not know who played.

Gameplay Settings

Host Settings:
  • Force Fog: Off
    Loud Footsteps: Off
    Force Weather FX: Off
In game settings:
  • Auto-Aim: Off
    Show Enemy: Off
    Time: 3 Minutes (3:00)
    Random Insertions: On
    Random teams: Off
  • Blue: Blue Medium
    Gold: Street 2 Medium
  • Frags
    Primary Mags
    Secondary Mags
    False HB Puck (Optional)

Starting a match
Both teams must have rules set and agreed upon. The team ranked higher sets the rules, and the team ranked lower agrees or disagrees to the rules.
  • Example:
    Team A: def [maps banned] [team name] vs
    Team B: agree [team name]

At this time we suggest that both clans take a Screenshot of the agreement. This is one of three screenshots that will be MANDATORY for an admin to report a win or edit the match.

Impersonating an Admin
It is strictly forbidden to impersonate an admin.

Laddering While Locked
Players and teams are forbidden from laddering while locked. If a player or team is found matching while locked, their lock will be extended and the opposing team will automatically receive the win.

Map Packs Required
  • Rogue Spear All in One
You can find the map pack in the "downloads" section located here.

Match Point
When match reaches "match point," a team member must put the score in his name. For example "Gs_Player 20 21." If no one puts the score in their name that single game will be voided and game will resume as the previous score.

Multiple Accounts
Players are allowed only one account on TheLadder.Net. Players are also allowed to play for only one team at a time. If you are found to be on more than one team, all extra existing accounts will be deleted, and main account will be locked for 24 hours.

If a team says they cant play on the other teams host they, can get an admin to test the lag. The admin can decide to call in a neutral host also called a "neut."

The neutral host should not be a member of either team (Circumstances might warrant otherwise), The neutral host must stay on the color of the team who requested.

Rank Idling
All teams must be active past 5 days. All teams inactive for more than 5 days are subject to a bump in 5 ranks.

Reporting/Non Reports
All matches must be reported within 5 minutes after the match is completed. Failure to do so will result in the following for your team:
  • 1st Offense - Warning
    2nd Offense - 10 rank bump
    3rd Offense - TLN Head Admin's discretion
When you report a match you MUST check the box of all members that played in the match.

Requesting an admin
You may request an admin to handle a situation. You must request an admin right away. You can not wait until the end of the match to request one. You have 10 minutes to get one. If you do not find one the match keeps going on.

Restricting Maps
If restricting maps in rules you must type the whole name of the map. You may NOT use a rule to restrict maps bigger/smaller than a map or planes/boats etc in the agreement.

Maximum number of banned maps allowed:
  • 2v2: 12 maps may be restricted.
    3v3+: 8 maps may be restricted.

A scab is defined as someone who isn’t on a team’s roster and is participating in the match.

TheLadder.Net requires screenshots to be taken three times minimum.

Screenshots required:
  • Rules/Agreement
    Match Point
    Final Stats Screen
If one of these 3 are not present an admin will NOT give you or your team the win. We also suggest taking screenshots of important events, such as a player disconnecting and mutual aborts.


- Last updated 09/14/2018