TLN News 11/01/2018


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TLN News 11/01/2018

Post by Staff » Thu Nov 01, 2018 6:56 pm

Hey guys & tom clancy,
I am in touch with the developer of "Tournamatch" (the scripts this ladder uses) about updating the following:
  • Any player can report/confirm matches
    A front page news system (with logins for the staff to post news)
    Anything else that will help TLN run more efficiently
If you have ANY suggestions, either reply to this topic, ask a member of the TLN Staff, or send us an email at Also, as for now, until we are able to create an official "Banned Maps" page, use your brain on figuring out which maps are banned by TLN. It's the same as the previous ladder. We will get a page up for it soon.

* I am also aware that tomclancy_rwr does match sometimes. I'm asking to respect the rules that we have put in place. Obviously, we won't be able to catch it every time, but if any member of the TLN Staff finds out that tomclancy is/was playing in a match, that match will be forfeited or updated as a forfeit for the team that used this mutant. IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. TO PLAY IN MATCHES, YOU HAVE TWO CHOICES... SIGNUP ON TLN OR KICK ROCKS. We are not begging anyone to play on this ladder and definitely can't force anyone, but we CAN enforce the rules we have set in place. If any of you are worried about someone viewing your personal information, don't. No one can view any sensitive personal information.

Last, I want to say thanks to everyone that plays and keeps the game alive. You are the reason we are able to have this ladder. TLN_Smoke has an idea for a "Cash-Paid Winner" tournament. We will update with further information as it is gathered.

Thanks to all TLN members,
TLN Staff

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