Still in effect as of 11/27/2018!! - t0mClanCy_rwr is not allowed to match unless he is signed up on TLN. If found to be matching: the team that t0mClanCy_rwr is scabbing for will auto forfeit the match. "We didn't know," is not accepted.

To all who care...
If you have complaints about the ladder, please be my guest and feel free to shut the fuck up. This game, unfortunately, has been on the last leg of its life for the last 4+ years. Be thankful that there is a ladder to even play on and compete. We are waiting for an update from the Tournamatch developers, and then we will be adding those updates promptly. D1ESEL, specifically, was complaining that we couldn't change his record (removing 1 loss from his individual player account) and telling us how we should get our program together. Number one? D1ESEL doesn't know shit. On the slim chance that he does, he's hired, but I assure you... dont hold your breath. We aren't begging you to play here, but for those who do play here and don't cause problems, the TLN Staff wants to thank you personally for not being a straight piece of shit. Thank you.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to email us at:

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